“So where do I start?? I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2011 and since then I’ve had three surgeries, the last being in 2015. These surgeries combined with pain, tension, being scrunched up with hot water bottles and accumulating scar tissue, resulted in a rock solid pelvic floor and an inability to breathe correctly (shocking I know!) I started seeing Emma in December 2016 and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I just wish I’d have met her sooner!

“Emma is incredibly professional, yet entirely approachable and friendly. No conversation is off limits, as it’s all important to getting the best out of your treatment! She’ll explain your exercises, have you demonstrate you doing them and then write them down, and with hard work and sticking with it you will get the results you’re seeking. I now know how to breathe correctly, have a “normal” pelvic floor and feel so much more confident knowing that I have Emma in my “treatment team”. She even gave me the courage to touch my scars – something I didn’t even realise I was avoiding.

“I’d recommend Emma to my most loved of friends and family, she will change your life for the better and I can’t recommend her enough!!”

August 2017

“I honestly can not recommend Emma highly enough. After the birth of my first child I suffered with pelvic floor dysfunction (stress urinary incontinence and prolapse). I saw a physio for 6 months and made some small progress. A year later I met Emma on a professional basis.

“When I fell pregnant again at the end of last year, my symptoms worsened early on in pregnancy and I was nervous about what this pregnancy would do to me. I also started suffering with quite bad pelvic girdle pain early in the pregnancy which worried me as my job requires me to be very active (fitness and massage), and I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to work far into my pregnancy.

“I started seeing Emma straight after my 12 week scan. She put me at ease straight away. She was thorough with her assessments and explained what she wanted me to do clearly. I started seeing results immediately and within a few sessions I was making great progress…our aim had been to stop things getting worse during the pregnancy (not to improve until after pregnancy!). My symptoms have completely stabilised and I’ve been able to continue seeing clients and actively teaching classes until today…2 weeks before I’m due! I completely put this down to Emma’s help! As soon as baby is born I’m booking myself in for my Mummy MOT for when I’ve had my 6 week postnatal check.
Thank you Emma!

“I also have no hesitation referring clients on to Emma, all of whom have been very positive about their experiences with her.”

July 2017

“I can highly recommend Emma – incredibly knowledgeable, highly professional and trained by the best” AC

30th January 2017

“Following the birth of my first baby I made an appointment with Emma as I was experiencing pain in my pelvic floor area and frequent urination. After 8 months of getting no where with my GP practice who misdiagnosed my symptoms as an infection and sent me home with antibiotics 4 times I found Emma and booked a Mummy MOT.

“Emma was so friendly and made me instantly feel relaxed. She really listened to my concerns and discussed my symptoms in great detail. This together with a highly professional and thorough physical examination meant Emma was able to finally give me the answer I had been searching for.

“Emma is an expert in her field and will not only tell you what is going on but will help you understand how the body works, making it easier to see why her treatment plan will improve your symptoms. Just knowing what has caused my pain is such a relief and I can finally, with the amazing support of Emma, work towards a total recovery

“Thank you so much Emma”


21 January 2017

“It’s been fantastic, so much support from Emma and Alix, you both really care about us and our targets and also our health and safety which is fab and helped me to not push myself too much when I was tired. I couldn’t imagine I would feel this good in my body and jogging in just 8 weeks.” – Kelly

19 December 2016


“I went to see Emma just to see how things were ‘down there’ as I felt maybe my pelvic floor was a bit weak after two children. How wrong I was! Emma did a full check to discover weak glutes, bad back, bad posture and no core whatsoever! And to top it off the exercises I had been attempting were completely wrong for someone with diastasis recti. So Emma gave me a programme of suitable exercises to build my core up and start to fix the problem. She is so knowledgable & professional and also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. If you need (or even think you might need) a women’s health physio, Emma is the one to see!”

Eileen Stevens

23 September 2016