Running MOT


Are you passionate about running? Some of us run for the love of running and the challenges it brings, others because they are time poor and it is the most effective exercise that they can cram into their busy lives. Some run because of the amazing effect it can have on mental and physical health.

The major downside of running, however, is that it can cause injury and that’s something that all runners, whether they be professional or complete beginners could experience. Evidence suggests that 70% of runners this year will incur an injury and we aren’t just talking your typical hip, knee, ankle injuries. For example, running causes more urinary leakage than most other sports mainly due to the high demands it places on the pelvic floor.

Physiomum’s running clinic aims to help runners, whether they’re beginners or more advanced, to reduce injury risk and improve performance. The basis of the programme will be a “Running MOT” which will include the following:

  • Taking a full exercise and running history, including any injuries
  • Identifying your goals
  • Performing a video analysis of your running
  • Strength & conditioning screening
  • Technique adjustments
  • Exercise and training plans

The initial assessment will last for 1 hour and you will need to bring your running kit and trainers.

Important information for “Post-Baby” Runners and women with pelvic floor dysfunction…

If you have pelvic floor dysfunction such as a prolapse or urinary leakage, or have had a baby, your pelvic floor and core muscles may be weak. These muscles are key to protecting your pelvic organs, and also preventing urinary and faecal leakage, and general musculoskeletal injuries. They are also the key muscles that need to be strong when you are running. Therefore if you start running too soon after having a baby, or before your pelvic floor dysfunction is rehabilitated, then running may lead to problems.

I would like to ensure that you run effectively, safely, and strongly. Therefore before you have a Running MOT it is important that you have seen me first for an initial pelvic floor assessment. Please call on 01883 713434 if you have any questions.