I am a head lady gardener – Gynaecological Cancer Fund

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Incorporating fundraising into your training program is  a great way to keep motivated. As well as that, In order to make my mission to get my pre baby body back a little less self-indulgent I have decided to raise money for the new charity Gynaecological Cancer fund. Their goal is to make a significant difference to both funding and awareness of women’s gynaecological cancers locally, nationally and internationally. Gynaecological cancer research is currently massively underfunded. Detection rates are lower and mortality rates are higher than for many other forms. Early detection is crucial and erasing the taboo around these cancers is essential.

This charity really is close to my heart. One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. Thankfully she is doing well thanks to early detection but not everyone is so lucky. Research is all the more important to me now, having had a daughter recently. It would be lovely to think that by the time she is a young woman that treatment is even more effective and her generation are not afraid to go their GPs and get seek help.

The five cancers that GCF focuses on are ovarian, womb, Cervical, vaginal and Vulva. These can affect any woman and their symptoms should not be ignored. Please check out this link for common symptoms:


Over the next 12 months as I continue to rehabilitate and return to running I will be aiming to raise £250 over the year doing various events, so watch this space. If you want to contribute or get involved with the charity there are many ways, buy a jumper from topshop:

Send a selfie of yourself to Instagram with a nickname for your ladY garden. Or for more ideas just click on the link below:



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